Family Daycare vs. Long Daycare: Discover the Explore N Learn Difference

What is Family Daycare?

Family daycare provides a warm and personalised early childhood education experience in the educator's home. Explore N Learn welcomes children from 18 months to 4 years old. We adhere to strict educator-to-child ratios, ensuring your child receives ample individual attention within a small group setting.

Family daycare often allows for flexibility. We offer part-time, full-time, and sometimes even out-of-hours care to accommodate busy families.

What is Long Daycare?

Long daycare, also known as centre-based daycare, offers childcare in a dedicated facility. They also cater to children from six weeks to 12 years, often with larger group sizes. Children are typically grouped by age for tailored learning experiences. Long daycare centres usually have longer operating hours for parents needing extended care.

Benefits of Explore N Learn Family Daycare

Our Mount Cotton daycare provides a unique blend of advantages:

  • Nurturing Home Environment: Our small groups foster a comfortable, home-like setting where children feel safe and secure.
  • Personalised Learning: We tailor educational programs to your child's individual needs and learning pace.
  • Strong Bonds: Children build close relationships with their educator and peers in the intimate setting.
  • Flexible Hours: We work with parents to accommodate varying schedules, potentially including out-of-hours care.
  • Affordability: Our hourly fees and eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can make Explore N Learn a budget-friendly option.

Benefits of Long Daycare in Mount Cotton

  • Structured Routine: Consistent daily schedules and activities help prepare children for primary school.
  • Socialization: Larger groups offer opportunities to interact with more children of similar ages.
  • Convenience: Extended hours, sibling discounts (if applicable), and provided meals/nappies (depending on the centre) streamline things for parents.

Choosing the Right Fit for Your Family

The best daycare option depends on your child's personality and your family's needs. Consider these factors:

  • Child's Temperament: Does your child thrive in smaller groups or enjoy the bustle of a larger setting?
  • Learning Style: Would your child benefit from personalized attention or a structured curriculum?
  • Family Logistics: Do you need flexible hours or the convenience of a long daycare centre?

We invite you to visit Explore N Learn Family Daycare to experience our warm and caring environment. Contact us to schedule a tour and discuss your child's unique needs.