About Miss Deb

Miss Deb, our dedicated educator at Explore N Learn, holds a Diploma in Children Services and is certified in First Aid, Anaphylaxis Management, and Emergency Asthma Management.

Miss Deb has worked in a variety of childcare settings for over 24 years, caring and educating children from  6 weeks to 5 years of age. 

In February 2023 she began a whole new chapter in her Early Learning career and her dream of Explore 'n Learn Family Day Care came to fruition. 

Miss Deb undergoes regular training in child protection, Insafe Hands Safety, and possesses The Working with Children Check (QLD Blue Card).

Mt Cotton Family Day Care Miss Deb Qualified Educator

Mt Cotton Family Day Care Educator of the Year Nonimee

Educator of the Year
2023 & 2024 Nominee

We are delighted to share that Miss Deb has been nominated for the prestigious "Family Day Care" Educator of the Year award for 2023 & 2024.

This esteemed recognition acknowledges her exceptional commitment and the positive impact she has made in the lives of the children under her care.

Mt Cotton Family Day Care Educator of hte Year Nominee

My Educational Philosophy

I firmly believe that children are natural learners who possess a deep curiosity about the world around them. They are explorers, thinkers, and innovators with the ability to learn and grow. I value their input and actively involve them in shaping the educational curriculum. I highly value ensuring that every child has a voice and the right to communicate, be heard, and cared for.

In my approach, I recognise and respect the role of children in constructing knowledge through their exploration and connections with their surroundings. I encourage collaboration, communication, and interaction among children, fostering a sense of adventure, discovery, creativity, and imagination. Building strong relationships with children and parents based on trust, respect, and open communication is fundamental.

I understand that families play a vital role in their child's life, so I strive to engage children and parents in decision-making processes. I value the importance of games, play, and emotional well-being in early education. I am committed to recognizing and responding to children's independent ideas and interests, allowing them to learn, experience, and interact naturally and consciously.

Creating an environment filled with rich experiences is crucial to me. This environment provides children with the space and time to explore, discover, and express themselves freely. I celebrate their unique perspectives and document their reflections to share with both children and parents.

Sustainability is also an essential aspect of my philosophy. I aim to instill in children a deep respect and appreciation for nature and the world around them. I involve parents in promoting sustainable practices within the family and the wider community. I also acknowledge and respect the traditional ethnic groups in the Moreton Bay region and teach children about the cultural practices of the Quandamooka community. By understanding and respecting the past, present, and future elders, we foster a sense of appreciation for our heritage.

As an educational leader, I am committed to continual reflection on the curriculum and practices. This allows me to adapt and improve, ensuring that the experiences provided align with the best interests of the children in my care. We pride ourselves on being an essential part of the Mt Cotton community at Explore & Learn Family Daycare, actively working to connect and make a positive difference.

In summary, my educational philosophy centre’s on valuing children as capable learners, involving them in the educational process, fostering strong relationships with families, promoting sustainability practices, and nurturing an appreciation for cultural diversity and community connections.

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